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Game 112 // Tenth Inning // The Cubs Run Wild

Your Dad wakes up from a nap, just before the tenth inning starts.

“No!” he shouts. “Justin Wilson!?” 


And the four-hour investment crashes into a wasted day. Anger. Pain. Grumbling. The Blue Jays take a two-run lead.

“It’s a sunk cost,” you remind him. “It’s the sunk-cost fallacy. Just quit now. They’re done. They’re done!” This game, this chance for a sweep—it’s done.

But then.

To start off, in the bottom of the tenth, a whole bunch of defensive switches for Toronto.



And a pitching change. Roberto Osuna comes in from the bullpen. Starting off the inning on a low note for the home crowd:

Kyle Schwarber strikes out (as he does).

And then, a moment later, the “But then” comes into play. The ball bounces off the dirt between Schwarber’s feet, off the catcher’s leg, skipping away off to the brick backstop.

Schwarber dashes off to first on the drop-third strike. Safe.



And then, a batter later, the “But then” continues. Ben Zobrist turns on a fastball tucked on the inside edge—a single to right field with Schwarber going to third. The winning run now at the plate. Just one out. Anthony Rizzo up.

Osuna delivers, and another wild pitch.

Schwarber scores. Zobrist to second. 5-4 with the double-play chance now gone.



Rizzo grounds out to second, advancing Zobrist to third. 

Javier Baez up. Works a full count. And then, the second out. He strikes out (as he does).


But then.

The ball squirts away, again—wild pitch number three. Baez glances back at it flying off toward the backstop, darts off to first, gets there safe without a throw. Zobrist stuck on third.

And so, Jason Heyward comes up. Double play will end the game. Single or sac fly will tie it. Two strikes. Looking like an out.


But then!

Another. Osuna gone wild, again. Heyward hit by the pitch—bases loaded. Cubs still down one.



And up next, Alex Avila. Gets set in the box. And on the second pitch he sees, Osuna gone un-wild for just a moment, a pitch over the plate. Avila lines a sharp line drive onto the grass in right field.

Zobrist scores. Baez goes for third. Rounds it, coming home. Surging down the line. Leaps and slides in to the plate. Safe. Safe. Safe. Safe. Safe! Cubs win.

Sunk-cost depression snapped into a round of happy yelling.




August 20, at Wrigley. The day the Cubs swept Toronto. The day Roberto Osuna gone wild. 

The day Alex Avila got his Windy City welcome.


The day the Cubs are officially back. 





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