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Game 115 // Ninth Inning // Winning 22 in a Row

The streak. It lives.

And the Indians have won 22 games in a row.


It was down to its last strike, this winding snake of a streak—Francisco Lindor up in the ninth with two outs and a 1-2 count.

And then.

The best Cleveland moment since Rajai Davis, in Game 7.




Herrera comes with a fastball, up and away. Lindor swings. Connects. Lines a ball the other way—slicing toward the line on a rope and three options emerge:


-That ball going foul?

-That ball hitting the wall?

-Wait… is that ball going OVER THE FENCE??


The same exact path as the Rajai Davis Ball. Same placement, same path. Did Francisco Lindor just… hit a walk-off to win this game?

And then, the ball sinking down out of the air, a fourth option emerges:

Does Alex Gordon catch that ball?

It slices down and over toward the line, going, going, off the wall.




Erik Gonzalez races around second, around third, and scores. Lindor to second. The whole ballpark going wild. Tie game. 2-2.




The streak…it lives. For now. Down to its last strike, its last breath, and then in one swing it’s put back together again. Their inner Will Ferrell has just awoken. They’re streaking. They’re going streaking. EVERYBODY’S DOING IT!!



This was their Scott Hatteberg moment. No doubt about it. This was the peak of a magic year of Cleveland baseball. Redemption for 2016, the next line of the poem Rajai Davis had written out for them to finish.

At least, unless Kansas City has something to say about it. If they don’t have one rally left to de-streak the Indians, win a game they’d had won, get back into the AL Wild Card race.

But then came the 10th inning. The walkoff from Jay Bruce. The 22nd win in a row.




And then came the loss, that meant (it seems) Wild Card elimination for the Royals. Then came that realization, that sad fact I can’t help but admit:

We just watched the end of this generation of Royals.




Congrats, Cleveland. And congrats, Kansas City.

The two best stories of the AL Central in years.

You’re happy, you’re sad. You’re amazed, you’re shocked.


22 wins in a row.