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Game 123 // Eighth Inning // The Broken-Bat Home Run

The Nationals scored six in the eighth to make a comeback and—

Forget all that.

Did you see what Bryce Harper did in the third inning?



The Nationals were down 6-1, and then suddenly in one inning forced the Mets into five pitching changes, storming back to tie the game with a two-run single and take the lead on a bases loaded walk to Michael Taylor, and—

Am I crazy or was that Bryce Harper thing the wildest thing I’ll see all year?



The Nationals, in one inning, just turned the tables on the entire N.L. East, which so far had gone only the Mets way, against all the predictions, and—

I was going to continue this shtick, linking videos of the Harper home run until the end of time, ignoring the Nats’ inning itself in favor of what must be a history-books event from Bryce Harper, but:

It turns out its not as rare as I’d thought.

See below.



So, well, maybe that eighth inning really was the story here tonight. Maybe the Nationals turning a sub-.500 early season around against a rival really was more special than a broken bat home run.

Maybe Bryce Harper really wasn’t the story.

Maybe, instead, it’s this N.L. East. The early-season beginnings of a division race for the ages. One that’ll pit two teams—

Oh, what am I talking about?

Bryce Harper hit a f*cking home run with the whole bat broken off!

406 feet!

Watch it again, and witness:



Safe to say this might just be the biggest freak occurrence at Citi Field since the Baba Booey Incident.

It’s that, and it’s this.

We’ll wait around noine years for another like it.