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Game 129 // Ninth Inning // The Braves Are Back

They have a World Series win in each of their three cities.

Boston. Milwaukee. Atlanta.

Now they’re after a fourth.

Now, after those lost years of late, they’re back in first.

And you’d wonder, after watching this game today, if they’re ready to break the One Trophy Per City Curse. Or if, after missing in the last thirteen playoff tries, the Atlanta thing will have them stuck. Until they move. Again.

But then. You realize they’re not in Atlanta.Since 2017, they’re in Cobb County. The unincorporated community of Cumberland, to be exact. 10 miles to the northwest.

Which means, most definitely, that they’re due for a win.

Watch this inning and tell me they aren’t.



So, they’re up to bat down 9-4. One out. No one on base.

And then.

Ryan Flaherty walks. Ozzie Albies singles. Acuna hits a sac fly. The Braves score one.

Two outs. Still down. 9-5.


Freeman hits a ground ball to first base, deep behind the bag. Rojas flips it. Ziegler rushes over, looks down the the base, a bang-bang play setting up, he reaches out to catch it—and the ball skips off the glove, flies over the foul line to the dugout, Albies comes around from second to score.


Markakis knocks a base hit up the middle.

It’s 9-7, with the tying run coming up to the plate.



The Tomahawk Chop song plays on the loudspeakers.

And on the Braves’ telecast, they say:

“And remember, it was eight years ago today the Braves faced the impossible dream. They scored six ninth-inning runs to beat the Reds 10-9. If the Braves can score six in the ninth today, they win 10-9.”

The 20th of May, exactly eight years ago:



Tyler Flowers walks.

Kurt Suzuki hits a line drive single to left. Markakis scores.


Tayron Guerrero throws a wild pitch. The runners advance. Men on second and third, two outs.

And as we began this ninth inning, so we end it. Dansby Swanson at the plate. No hits in four at-bats on the day.

Two outs, two strikes, a guy throwing 98mph on the mound nearly hitting him on a brushback pitch. With a home crowd waiting on a question, waiting on a moment: Are we good? We’re in first place, we’ve got young talent, but… are we good?

And then, with a quick swing on a 2-2 fastball over the plate, they have their answer.

The Braves walk-off the Marlins, 10-9. Swanson chased around the infield and tackled.



Eight years to the day, Atlanta scored six runs in the ninth to win a game 10-9. They’ve just done it again.

They’re good. They’re very good.



Are they good enough to bring a title to their fourth city—the unincorporated community of Cumberland, Cobb County?



Well, we shall see.

Maybe they’ll win the whole damn thing, and no one will care.

If a tree falls in an empty stadium and no one hears it, did it really make any noise at all?



Guys. When you’re in first place. And down five runs. And in the ninth inning. You don’t leave the game.

Not in the game of baseball.

Not when it brings you a miracle like this.



So, give them some room, let them enjoy this. Let him or her enjoy this, I should say. 

Dance your heart out, Mr. stadium attendance of 1.

And when they bring franchise title #4 to Cumberland, you’ll be there. Dancing. I know you will.