Game 134 // Sixth Inning // Four HBP in One Inning

The Reds got hit by four pitches in one inning.

First time it’s happened since 1893.


Three from Venditte, the starter, and one from Dyson out of the bullpen.

Here’s the video:




You start looking through the media coverage, and you come across a tweet that says this—seemingly some sort of joke:

“Pat Venditte hits guys with both arms.”




Hits guys with both arms.

Must be some sort of old idiom, like… “He’s got two left feet.”


Because, no one’s actually got two left feet, do they?

Well, this Pat Venditte, hitter of three Reds batters in this sixth inning in Cincinnati, does in fact hit guys with both arms:




Watch the video again.

Pitching right-handed, he hits Suarez. Pitching right-handed still, he hits Peraza.

And then, as if some camera trick just flashed in front of our eyes, Venditte hits VanMeter pitching left-handed.




Three HBP. One Inning. One man. Two arms.


You have to wonder, does he switch arms with every batter, or might he actually think:

“I’ve just hit two guys, let’s make a change.”


All right-handed systems shut down. Left-handed power grid turns on.

And another batter hit.

He’s pulled from the game. Dyson comes in and notches HBP number four.


A day later, Venditte gets released from the team.







And so it goes, the sad story of Pat Venditte and his errant, ambidextrous six-inning outing in Cincinnati. 

Which somehow… might not have been the weirdest part of the game.


An hour later, Pablo Sandoval pitched a hitless inning.





And in this same game, there was a 30-minute insect delay.

Derek Dietrich ambled out onto the field in full beekeeper-exterminator regalia, to help solve the problem.






This is as weird as baseball gets, people.