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Game 135 // Sixth Inning // Double-Saving a No-Hitter

Every no-hitter has one great play to keep it alive.

This one had two, in the same inning.





They’re in the middle innings. Miles away from official no-hitter territory. But then these two catches in a row, rocketing the thing ahead toward history.

Two more outs, and the best omen a pitcher could ever hope for.




There was the Profar catch first, diving full-out in shallow right field.

And then Laureano, doing what he does. Robbing Votto at the wall. The leap, the extension. A statement made with a catch, that a no-hitter just got started for real here in this sixth inning.

Even if he didn’t know it himself:




So tip your cap, Mike Fiers.

Lightning just struck twice.





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