TBI Youtube // Top 10 Innings of May 2019



Here’s the second episode on the new Big Inning Youtube channel, with a “Top 10 Innings” video going up every Sunday while we wait for baseball to come back.



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Here’s the first video, from last week.





The full list for May 2019:


Cubs v Cardinals | 5/5/19 | The Taylor Davis grand slam (4th inning)

Mariners v Rangers | 5/27/19 | Mallex Smith steals every base (8th inning)

Nationals v Mets | 5/23/19 | The Nats fall to 19-31 (8th inning)

Nationals v Marlins | 5/24/19 | The Nats turn the entire season around (8th inning)

Reds v Giants | 5/6/19 | The Reds get hit by four pitches in one inning (6th inning)

Reds v Giants | 5/6/19 | Pablo Sandoval pitches a no-hit inning (8th inning)

Dodgers v Mets | 5/29/2019 | The four-run walkoff comeback (9th inning)

Athletics v Reds | 5/7/19 | Laureano + Profar save the Fiers no-hitter (6th inning)

Padres v Dodgers | 5/5/2019 | Hunter Renfroe, walkoff grand slam (9th inning)

Red Sox v White Sox | 5/4/19 | Two outs, 10 straight hits (3rd inning)



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