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Game 137 // Fifth Inning // The Marlins Score Eleven

Congrats, you last-place Marlins, on your biggest inning in history.


Here’s the video, from an out-of-breath news anchor:




The Marlins are 21-36. Last place in the entire National League. No real talent on the team, no real hope for anything to change.

And then, as baseball somehow does, we get this:

Eleven runs in the fifth inning.


And a 16-0 win against the first-place Brewers.




Things like this just don’t happen, anywhere else.

The Dolphins don’t pop off a 72-0 win over the Packers, with 40 points in the second quarter. 

But today in Milwaukee, baseball caught the “Brew Crew” drunk in the afternoon, and just inked in its tacit slogan:

The most bizarro-weird (major) sport there is.





Another more aspect to the weird:

There wasn’t one home run in the inning. Just contact after contact after contact, in a string that went like this:

Single, walk, strikeout, double, walk, single, single, double, single, single, error, double, groundout, single, strikeout.


And out of that tangle—eleven runs.

15-0, Marlins ahead in Milwaukee.





What made it even better, weirder, all-around great, was that it was arguably the second-most entertaining inning of the game.

In the ninth, Craig Counsell sent out on infielder to the mound, and well, watch and enjoy:




These are the kind of games we watch for. 

The last-place Marlins, the first-place Brewers, taking an average afternoon and dialing up the baseball carnival to, well…






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