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Game 138 // Eighth Inning // Back to Back to Back to Back

The Nationals just hit four straight home runs.

It’s only happened nine times in MLB history.


Here’s the video:




Among the nine teams who’ve done it, two were the Washington Nationals.

July 27, 2017. And now less than two years later: June 9, 2019.




Among the nine teams who’ve conceded it? Twice it was the Padres. 

With the last one being the forever best.


September 18, 2006. Dodger Stadium:

The “4+1 Game”.


Dodger fans, enter your happy place:




As these Padres fans have just gotten plunged back into a nightmare.





So on this sleepy, everyday afternoon at the ballpark, out of nowhere:

We got four straight home runs. Four straight.

Maybe the most spectacular, all-American thing there is.


Brats. Burgers. Joey Chestnut downing 70 hot dogs in ten minutes.

And this team from our nation’s capital, hitting four straight home runs.




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