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Game 141 // First Inning // Baseball Comes to London

The first-ever MLB game in Europe, and twelve runs in the first inning.





Baseball… London?


Yes, London. You know: Fish, chips, cup-o-tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary f***in’ Poppins, London!




The Union Jack spread out over right field.

Players reading Shakespeare lines on the pregame intro segment.

Prince Harry throwing out the first pitch, on the West Ham soccer “pitch”.

Joe Buck, sizing up an England-style hot dog:




And before there was any time to admire the stadium, to take the whole thing in, to see what’s different about a baseball game across the pond…

The Yankees came up to bat against Rick Porcello, and did this:







And then Aaron Hicks came up. A runner on, a 4-0 lead. And the first-ever home run in Europe. Crushed into the stands in right field.




6-0 Yankees. Rick Porcello gets pulled.

And just what the doctor ordered, to give England baseball at its best.

When an artful pitchers’ duel might not do the trick.




So then, with a half-inning over, it was Boston’s turn to “have a go”.

And with Tanaka on the mound, they did this:








And then Michael Chavis came up. Two on, Sox down 6-3. And, flying over the 117.4 meters mark on the wall in center field…

The second-ever home run in Europe. 




One inning. Twelve runs. Tie game.


If anything can get Britain hooked on baseball, it’ll be this.

Baseball on, well, “steroids”.

Cricket meets ’98 Mark McGwire.








But before we start calling baseball abroad a hit, we might have to get “woke” on this whole thing.

What are the odds, that in the first game over there, they’d get:

Twelve runs, first inning. The two most iconic teams, and each with a cherry-on-top home run.


London Series truthers please stand up.






If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

The Commissioner pulling the Fun Lever under the desk in his office.


With a score of 17-13 by the end of the game. And six home runs.




But, semi-fixed or not… who cares?


The game was awesome.

The first inning was awesome.

Baseball in London was awesome.


They even did the seventh-inning stretch:




And after the Yankees won, they played Sinatra.




Baseball just like home, way across the pond.

Just a better, more fun, more marketable, making-me-jealous kind of baseball.


Can we crank up that Fun Lever for the rest of the season?




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