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Game 142 // Second Inning // The Best Sunset in Baseball

You might not see a sunset like this in an entire lifetime.

So at a baseball game, during a seven-run inning—this was divine.


Have a look:




Over the course of the inning, the Padres ran up the score…

And the sky turned yellow, orange, and more orange—until Manny Machado came up to bat and hit a towering three-run homer to center, way up into the sky.




And then on the next pitch, Franmil Reyes went deep.

Two high, soaring home runs. As if, when the sky turned like that, it needed to be greeted. More than noticed, but sent a visitor—to rush up and shake its hand, to applaud, to smile. To take in its great colors from up close.


Because a few bloop singles wouldn’t have done that sky justice. 

A sky like that needs tribute.

And so, right on cue, came these massive two home runs:




There was more to the inning, before all this, but…

We might have just seen the best sunset in baseball history. And when something like that comes along, you skip past the game for a bit, and just admire.










A view like that, you might not see again.

A glimpse of baseball heaven.





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