TBI Youtube // Top 10 Innings of June 2019



Here’s the third episode on the new Big Inning Youtube channel, with a “Top 10 Innings” video going up for each month of 2019, while we wait for baseball to come back.


There’s a new format to this one, and a bit higher resolution.

So, hope you enjoy (and like, and comment—if you’re so inclined, that is).



And if you’re looking for more, here’s the previous one:




The full list for June 2019:


Padres v Cardinals | 6/29/19 | The Sunset Inning (2nd inning)

Phillies v Marlins | 6/30/19 | Baseball Slapstick in Miami (6th inning)

Marlins v Cardinals | 6/20/19 | Sergio Romo, Walk-off Pickoff (11th inning)

Phillies v Mets | 6/27/19 | Philly Comeback Party (9th inning)

Red Sox v Royals | 6/5/19 | Sale’s Second Immaculate Inning in a Month (8th inning)

Padres v Rockies | 6/16/19 | The Series Record for Runs (9th inning)

Marlins v Brewers | 6/4/2019 | The Marlins score 11 runs (5th inning)

Diamondbacks v Phillies | 6/10/19 | Back to back to back, to lead off the game (1st inning)

Yankees v Red Sox | 6/29/2019 | Baseball in London (1st inning)

Nationals v Padres | 6/9/19 | Back to back to back to back (8th inning)



New baseball coming back to us very soon.