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Game 143 // Ninth Inning // Five Straight Walks

Down to their last strike in the ninth.

And the Dodgers just worked five straight walks for the win.


Here’s the full highlight, on the Big Inning channel:




First time it’s ever happened in history—and how could it not be?

Ninth inning. Two outs. Two strikes. Down by a run.

And five walks in a row.


As weird as baseball can be, that just doesn’t happen twice.






So you have to feel for Greg Holland a bit here, even though this was all his own doing. Coming in to wrap up a win, and then… maybe the worst pitching implosion in all of 2019.

Four walks, the lead gone, pulled from the game.


He does have one thing going for him, though:




And when a thing like this happens, as rare as it is, there’s a perfect saying for the occasion.

Dusty, up on a shelf somewhere, but still intact—from the old Andy McCullough archives.




And so, tonight more than ever, the ninth inning…

Belongs to Greg Holland.


The weirdest, most memorable of his career.





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