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Game 147 // Ninth Inning // The Bryce Harper Grand Slam

Bryce Harper. Phillies down by two. Grand slam.

We may have just seen the inning of the year.


Here’s the video:




There’s not all that much to say about this—but instead to watch, to hear, to marvel.

The Phillies start the inning down 5-1, they end it with the iconic MLB moment this season.

The kind of thing that does the rounds on every social media platform, the rare baseball clip that gets seen.






And for the icing on the cake, to this Best Moment in Bryce Harper History, here’s what happened with him and a “fan” a few minutes before:




The kind of game, when the whole thing ended, that ball soaring into the second deck, that’ll make even that heckler turn around and think: “Legend.”




Tonight, baseball’s most famous player just got his most famous moment. The automatic insert into the career highlight reel. The night he just became beloved in Philly…


And there just had to be one sour footnote to it all:

The parents ducked out early.





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