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Game 148 // Tenth Inning // The 12-Minute Win

Baseball is plagued by pace-of-play issues.

But the Red Sox just managed to hit a walk-off in 12 minutes.




Technically, it took two weeks and 12 minutes, after a suspended rain-out game…

But still, picking up a game in the tenth inning like this might just win the attention-deficient back to baseball. 


If you were there that day, it was baseball in compressed, bite-sized fun.

You come in the gates, you get a hot dog, a great seat, you watch 12 minutes of baseball under the warm afternoon sun, you go home.




And if you’re the Royals, well, you do the same thing—except “home” is 1,300 miles away. You show up, like everyone else, but have a little bit less fun with the whole thing. 




The game started for the first time back on August 7th. Ending tied after nine innings, when the rain came down on Fenway. Both teams did their thing for two weeks, and then returned—same pitcher on the mound, same everything, here on August 22nd. 

The TV broadcasts come on, the stands fill about halfway. Baseball starts up again, as if it’s a new game. And the fine print reads: tenth inning.


Then in almost no time at all, the game is over. A quick top half of the inning, then the Red Sox up to bat. Christian Vasquez with a double in the gap, a walk, and then Brock Holt.

Walk-off winner down the left-field line.

Here’s the video:



 Another angle:





A win so fun, that you sprint around the infield and slide into home.




The exact opposite of one of those late-night, dragging on forever, four-hour games.

The opposite of baseball as we know it. 

Something novel, something fun.


Baseball in twelve minutes.




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