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Game 149 // Ninth Inning // Comeback of the Year

Just look at that box score. 

It doesn’t get better than that.


Here’s the video:




In the top half of the inning, the Mets scored five.

To go ahead by six runs. 

And then the Nationals come up to bat. Bottom of the ninth, down 10-4, and they pull off one of those backyard storybook wins—when you’re a kid holding a wiffle-ball bat, proclaiming to yourself and/or the neighborhood: Ok bottom nine, down by 100, just scored 99, a runner on base, and here comes the pitch…

And then you smack the ball over the fence, trot around the bases like you’re, well, Kurt Suzuki.




Imagine being at this game. Imagine leaving the game, when it got to 10-4. Hearing that comeback on the radio. Or the roar once you got outside the gates.

Or being a Mets fan, taunting the Nats fans around you. And then the reversal starts happening. Hit after hit, the score inching toward even. Still with a two-run lead. Kurt Suzuki batting, the least likely of heroes.

And then, he hits it. Deep to left field.

You’re sitting there, then sinking, drowning in a sea of jubilation.




The night when Nats Park just saw one of its best innings ever.





So move over Bryce Harper, and your walk-off grand slam.

We have a new inning of the year.






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