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Game 155 // Tenth Inning // Winning the NLDS

One of the moments of the season so far.

The Nationals win their first playoff series ever.


10th inning. All tied up, after Rendon and Soto went back to back off Kershaw in the 8th.

And with the bases loaded, no outs…

Howie Kendrick, the former Dodger, just made his old stadium a very sad place.




Another view of it.

He knew it was gone all the way.




The Nats have finally won, after losing the NLDS in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017.

And here’s how it felt, on the jumbotron at the home ballpark:




So a big congrats to Howie Kendrick, this great baseball leader. Having been stuck in a slump coming into the game, and coming out of it with the best moment of his career. The kind of thing people can remember him for—when before it had just been: solid player for the Angels, solid player for the Dodgers. 

Now it’s Mr. Clutch Grand Slam. 


Nationals Legend.






This is Howie do it.






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