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Game 157 // First Inning // The Nats Win the Pennant

Seven runs in the first inning.

The Nationals are heading to the World Series.





At home at Nats Park. The place where their playoff runs have ended, three of four times. This time with a 3-0 series lead. No pressure. A fanbase on cloud nine. Nothing to worry about.

And then they really had nothing to worry about.

Leading by a touchdown after 18 pitches.


It went like this:

Trea Turner lead-off single.

Adam Eaton doubles.

Anthony Rendon hits a sac fly. 

Soto double.

Kendrick walks.

Fielder’s choice.

Robles singles.

Gomes singles.

Corbin hits a sac bunt.

And Trea Turner, up again, lines a two-run single to left.





So that was about it, after it was all said and done.

They never scored again, and nor did they need to. 

7-4, Nationals. A sweep over the Cardinals. Finally, they’ve done it.




In this decade of contending year after year, going winless in a single playoff series until five days ago—now they’ve won two, they’ve won the pennant, they’re going to the World Series, and they might win the whole darn thing.

Remember when they were 19-31 in May?


Game 136 // Eighth Inning // The Nationals Are Alive



A storybook turnaround, for this who would’ve thought? roster.

No Bryce Harper. No Daniel Murphy. No Gonzalez, Roark or Werth.

But here they are, 2019 champs of the National League.




But just be careful, you Nationals.

To avoid the jinx that just ensnared the Cardinals. Scoring huge in a first inning, then getting swept the next round.





So either a jinx is coming their way…

Or this team is really, really good.




And all we have for now? One word:








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