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Game 158 // First Inning // Verlander Gets Got

Aaron Hicks off the foul pole.

And the Yankees stay alive.


Here’s the video:




The inning went like this:


LeMahieu hits a solo HR

Judge singles

Torres doubles

Stanton strikes out

And then Hicks. Full count. The pitch from Verlander. And a shot doink’d off the foul pole.




In front of the home crowd, a loss meaning elimination for the Yankees, a 1-1 game, and a just deep enough line drive to right field sets the place off. The angel of jubilation on one shoulder, smiling above that devil of nervous anxiety, slumped over on the other.






And so Aaron Hicks is the hero, with the biggest hit of his life.

And he almost wasn’t there to make it happen.





The Yankees stay alive, for at least another day.

With two home runs in the first—for the first time ever:




Four runs. Verlander shellacked. And they hang on to win by that same score.

An entire game, decided by the first inning.


Yankees win, 4-1.





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