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Game 161 // Seventh Inning // The Interference Play

The momentum of the entire series was on the line this inning.

And the Nats almost just got sunk.


Here’s the video, of the worst call this postseason:




Forget about the rulebook. I don’t care what the rules say.

Turner is safe.

He hit the ball. He ran straight for first base. He got there in time. 



It’s the most basic play in baseball: batter hits ball, batter runs to first. And if doing what he did is a violation, on some Rule technicality, then someone please ask that umpire:

Have you ever enforced that rule?

And did it have to be now that you started?


He’s like the nerd of all nerds, announcing on the last day of school that some arcane calendar error was missed by every faculty member. That one more day of classes must technically be needed.

An error he’s noticed every semester, for four straight years, that he’s decided to speak up about now.

Just because. To please whom? No one is sure.


As this grotesque—yes grotesque!—display almost just ruined the whole Series. This umpire and his Shylockian, letter of the law obsession, hypnotized by some statute lodged in his head that’s been whispering to him for years: We wait, and at the very most perfect moment, we become… applicable.

So—and I’m not condoning bullying here—can somebody call up Jose Canseco (fully juiced) and get this guy shoved into a locker?






Uproar in Baseballworld.

Clamor! Furor! Ructions!




It’s one of those most rare, unifying disputes—where no one sensible can say otherwise:

Trea Turner was safe.

Because if that’s to be considered an out, then every infield dribbler from now on is an out. Every batter runs the way he did. And every time they’re called safe.

Until now.

Until an elimination game in the World Series.




So what do you do, when you’ve been wronged like that?

You send Anthony Rendon up to the plate.

You crush a ball to left field.

You take a commanding 5-2 lead.


And you set up a Game 7 for all the marbles.








Trea Turner… avenged.

Umpire… shoved in locker.


Nationals… in a Game 7 of the World Series.





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