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Game 164 // Tenth Inning // The Extra Innings Rule

It’s the first extra-innings game of the 2020 season, and there’s a new rule:

Every inning starts with a runner on second base.





So the Angels were first, the debut passengers for this weird new rule’s maiden voyage.

And the opposite of should happen happened. They just hit an iceberg.






A most alert 3-5-6-5 putout, started by Matt Olson. And a most flat-footed Shohei Ohtani, tagged out before you hardly even knew he was on base.

When even he might not have known he was on base.




A play so sharp it felt like Olson knew what was coming, and wanted to speed things along with a little extra bravado—to the bottom half of the inning, when the A’s got to put a runner of their own on second base. And two more got on base, with a hit-by-pitch and a walk. 

And then Olson himself came up to bat. With the bases loaded.

And did this:






So that was how it went, this first foray into 2020 extra-innings world.

The good, the bad. The Olson and the Ohtani.




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