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Game 166 // Fifth Inning // The Dodgers Get Revenge

Dodgers vs. Astros, three years after the World Series.

And they finally get a piece of revenge.


Here’s the video, on the Big Inning channel:




A matchup many months in the making, one that wouldn’t have happened in the normal non-COVID season.

With no fans in attendance, but the rage fulling flowing at home. Dodger fans everywhere, with anger still beating in their hearts. Wanting to see something, anything, to help make up for what’ll never truly be repaired—that stolen scandal of a World Series trophy.

And they got this.

A five-run fifth inning, to come back and take the lead.

And then, that sixth inning. One for baseball lore.




Joe Kelly taking on Astroworld, all by himself.

Bregman, then Correa. The ball thrown up and in. The strikeout.

And the best baseball taunt in years.




The night when baseball karma came roaring back to life.

The Dodgers win. And, more importantly, the Astros lose.




So thank you, Joe Kelly. Dodgers hero. American icon.

Father of the year.







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