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Game 167 // Tenth Inning // The Gabe Kapler Blunder

The Padres score six runs in the top of the tenth.

And Gabe Kapler descends into moronhood.






Here’s the full video, on the Big Inning channel:




10th inning. The Padres start with a runner on second, per the new 2020 rules. And they proceed to get hit after hit, after hit after hit. An inning that had something other than six runs steal the headlines.

Gabe Kapler, and the Mound Visit Mishap. Making a pitching change when he shouldn’t, couldn’t, and had no idea.




The rule is: 

After making a mound visit, the pitcher must face one batter.






So, eluding all the umpires, the players, the Padres manager, and Kapler himself, said rule gets forgotten. Rogers gets pulled. The commercial break begins. And after the break—Rogers is back out there on the mound.

He delivers to the next batter, and the first pitch is a dribbler in front of home. The Giants can’t field it in time, Garcia comes home to score.

11-6 Padres.


A moment later, it was 12-6.




Electric baseball, from a young Padres team that might just have a chance. Right next to the Dodgers in the NL West, a week into the season.

And the biggest extra-inning of the year.





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