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Game 168 // Fifth Inning // Eight Runs with Two Outs

Two outs, and the A’s string together eight runs.

On eight hits. No home runs. Beautiful baseball.


Here’s the video, on the Big Inning channel:




The A’s won it right then and there, and 11-1 in the end. 

Now alone atop the A.L. West, with these Mariners kicked one step closer to the cellar.



Early in the year still, but also not early. 16% through already—in this weird, wild, will-it-even-finish? season of baseball in 2020.

When things, this week, are starting to shake out into a clearer picture. The cream rising to the top, and these A’s, game by game, figuring it out.




Just needed a quick trip north to shake off the rust. Like an alarm clock, in the form of a calendar date on the schedule. Mariners, August 3rd. A splash of water to the face, a sudden jolt awake. A we’re back look in their eyes, and an eight-run outburst in the fifth.

The biggest inning of the MLB season so far.





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