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Game 171 // Fifth Inning // Four Straight Home Runs

Moncada. Grandal. Abreu. Jimenez.

The White Sox have hit four home runs in a row.




It’s only the tenth time to happen in MLB history, and the second time in White Sox history. Here was the first, in 2008—the last Sox team to have made the playoffs:




The most recent team to go back-to-back-to-back-to-back was the Nationals, in 2019. Last year’s World Series winners.

These White Sox are 11-11, on the verge of a young-talent breakthrough from the dream future into the right-now competitive. Just 22 games in, and just 38 games to go—but it feels quite fine to ask, since it’s been so long:

Is this that kind of year for the South Side?