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Game 172 // Second Inning // Welcome to Slam Diego

The Padres hit a grand slam in four straight games.

Then they took a day off.

Now they hit another.



The 2020 San Diego Padres—the first team in MLB history with a grand slam in four consecutive games. Here are the first four, from earlier this week, the phenomenon having kicked off with the infamous, beloved, unwritten-rules-rewriting shot by the great Fernando Tatis Jr., baseball’s newest superstar:



Each of those four were against the Rangers, for four straight nights in August. And now, that other Texas team came to town. Those Houston Astros, baseball America’s most rightfully reviled team.

In the second inning, with five runs already across, the Padres did it again.

Jake Cronenworth. 

Slam Diego.





American sports’ most iconic, heroic image: the home run—but to the fourth degree. The grand slam, flying through the air off Padres bats for the fifth time now, in six days.

Starting something of a sensation around San Diego, around baseball. Slam Diego shirts, with palm trees and the old 1970s text script. A mannequin with “Slam Diego” its surname on back of its jersey, hoisting a beer in the right field seats, directly in the path of Cronenworth’s ball.




And so, there was no better team around to hand the Astros its biggest, worst inning of the year. Which went like this:

Wil Myers home run.

Cronenworth single.

Profar walk.

Torrens sac bunt.

Grisham three-run homer.

Tatis hit by pitch.

Machado single.

France single.

Myers single.

And then, the Cronenworth grand slam. The first of his career.




The San Diego Padres are good, finally. Competitive for the first time since 2007. The most fun team, the most perfect catchphrase, the most exciting storyline baseball needed in this strange, shortened season.

Times are good, in the wonderful city of Slam Diego.




World capital of 2020 baseball.