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Game 173 // Seventh Inning // The Wil Myers Walk-Off

The 7th inning is the 9th inning, in these 2020 doubleheaders.

And the Padres just scored seven to walk it off.



Two outs. No one on. Padres down by four.

And then, a bit of life with a hit by pitch. Then a walk, a wild pitch, and another walk. 

And so Manny Machado comes up, bases loaded, two outs—looking to Slam Diego his way to a tie ballgame. Then he rips a single, two runs come home and score. 7-5, Mariners getting nervous. 

Eric Hosmer follows. Sees a passed ball, then a wild pitch, and Machado dashes home to make it a one-run game.



Then a moment later: Hosmer ties it.

Line-drive single through the gap to right. The score clicks even to 7-7 in the 7th, like slot machine bingo just lined up all at once, jackpot riches on the way. 



Finally, it’s Wil Myers. The longtime uber-prospect, longtime potential guy, longtime underachiever, finally putting together the longtime dreamed-about season, in 2020.

And he hits the game-ender, walk-off. Way up into the seats in left.





Padres win, 10-7 in the seventh.

They’re 19-13. They’re good.

And they are, after so many years, a contender.