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Game 174 // Seventh Inning // The Mets Walk-Off at Yankee Stadium

The Mets. Hit a walk-off. At Yankee Stadium.


Baseball bizarro-world persists in its 2020 weirdness, and the Mets hit a walk-off at Yankee Stadium. Here’s the video:



Even Chapman didn’t quite process it on the mound, thinking there was more baseball yet, after Rosario hit the winner.

Like there’s one extra stair on the staircase, until there isn’t—and your knees plunge into your chest. Like there’s an extra ball left on the pinball machine, until there isn’t. Like it’s 1863-2019 baseball, and not 2020 baseball, until it isn’t. And the Yankees get walked off in the seventh inning, at home at Yankee Stadium.




The build-up, the rest of the inning, went like this:

Chapman comes in for Cessa. McNeil draws a walk after an eight-pitch at-bat. Rosario pinch-hits for Guillorme.

And then Rosario, on a 2-0 slider from Chapman…

He wins it. At Yankee Stadium. In the seventh inning.





The baseball is weird odometer overheats, begins combusting. Whirring and whizzing, imploding, exploding, and this great machine sits up there, in its corner office of Baseball Heaven…

Grinning like it’s never grinned before.