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Game 175 // Sixth Inning // The Yankees Fall Apart

The Yankees were 16-6.

Now they’re 21-20.


Here it is, the low-point of the Yankees season—this group that began the favorites of the American League:



Danny Jansen of all people, grand slam. 

Ten runs in the inning, a massive comeback down 6-2, and the official beginning of the Will the Yankees miss the playoffs? talk. And scurrying right behind it, the grand opening of the cheekiest line in 2020 baseball: Are the (Buffalo) Blue Jays the best team in the state of New York?




The lead-up to the grand slam went like this:



So, things are getting bad in Yankee land. And Aaron Boone has reached the nadir. 



So bad that Boone is even apologizing to the umpire for his most famous moment since the ’03 ALCS walk-off—which might be the most shameful part of this entire thing (See: Jomboy video if you missed Boone’s rant last year). 

Play the hits, Aaron Boone. And never apologize for your guitar solo.



So it’s bad. Maybe the worst bad it’s been with this generation of players. So suddenly and unbelievably bad, so hard to believe bad, after a 16-6 start to the dream season bad, that Brian Cashman is paying a visit to the team himself, to boost morale, to cheer them up, to remind them…

Just how bad it’s gotten.