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Game 178 // Tenth Inning // The Indians Clinch on a Walk-Off

In the top of the tenth, the White Sox took a two-run lead.

In the bottom of the tenth, the Indians clinched a playoff spot.


Here’s the video:



It started off, this bottom of the tenth, with Francisco Lindor and a deep double to dead center off the glove of Luis Robert at the wall. 

And then, Cesar Hernandez drawing a walk.

And then, Jose Ramirez—the MVP candidate. A 2-2 pitch from Jose Ruiz, and the ball soaring, crashing into the empty, should-be raucous seats in Cleveland.






Indians win, 5-3.

They’re into the 2020 postseason.


And as for that Jose Ramirez, potential MVP of the American League, his fifth-straight star season in Cleveland, waxing heroics with no one there to see it…

The very next night, they were chanting for him:




A sold-out invisible crowd, deafening and digital, going wild in artificial adoration for their man.

Jose Ramirez.