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Game 179 // Second Inning // The Rays Begin Their Run

A Bo Bichette bobble.

And the Rays blow it open.


The inning went like this:


Kiermaier singles. 

Zunino homers.

Arozarena doubles.

Diaz walks.


And then, Manuel Margot hits a ground ball to short, and the Bo Bichette situation comes into play.

He bobbles it, E6. Margot reaches. The bases are loaded.

Two days after Bichette said this:






A batter later, Hunter Renfroe hits a grand slam.

Rays lead 7-0 in the second inning.





Hyun-Jin Ryu comes out of the game.

The Rays sweep the Wild Card Series.





The Jays are done.

The Rays move on.

And Bichette will spend the offseason staring at the tea leaves for whether he can, too.