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Game 180 // Sixth Inning // The Padres Spring to Life

The most fun team of the year, that year approaching its end.

And then. 






Fernando Tatis Jr., star of stars in this 2020 season, goes deep with a three-run homer to left. And then Manny Machado. Back to back, for the fourth time on the year.

Duo of duos. Team of teams.

And the home-run happy Padres are alive again.





Here’s the radio call:





From the Tatis home run onward, the floodgates as they say burst open. Rushing a torrent behind home plate, jet-streaming baseballs up into the upper decks above the left-field walls.

In the seventh inning, Tatis homered again.

And then Wil Myers homered.

An inning after that, Myers homered again.


The Padres win it, 11-9. The way they’ve won all season, as if it were the only way their season would be saved. 

The best game of this 2020 postseason so far.