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Game 181 // Ninth Inning // The Slam Diego Yankees

Game 1 of the 2020 ALDS. 

And Giancarlo Stanton seals it with a grand slam.


Here’s the video:



The Rays of Tampa Bay, the Yankees of New York—all the way west in San Diego, beside the Pacific Ocean, playing in a sort of baseball paradise at the tail-end of this season-that-almost-wasn’t, for a chance at a World Series run.

With the winner of this series, you just seem to feel it, bound to win the A.L. pennant.

In the city of the Padres, the city of Slam Diego.

As its 2020 meme magic loans itself out for a moment, into the bat of Giancarlo Stanton, slam-diegoing the Yankees a Game 1 win in the 9th.





Just days ago, the last game the Yankees played, it was another grand slam. Gio Urshela, in that back and forth Game 2 in Cleveland, and the two-game sweep over the Indians in the Wild Card round.

And now, Stanton.




Slam Diego, California—meet your new houseguest. 

And the family they brought along with, smiling outside the gates, yelling outside the walls, rooting from all over the grounds, like an entire tribe just showed up without notice, claiming with a pinstriped flag planted in the sand:

Slam Diego, newly annexed territory of the Bronx.