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Game 183 // Sixth Inning // The Rays Lead 3-0

Jose Altuve commits an error, five runs score.

And the Rays are a game away from the World Series.



Jose Altuve officially has the yips, and the Houston Astros—laughingstock shame cases of baseball fandom worldwide—are on the brink of a season ending.

Altuve had two errors in the last game, and half of his throws are taking that same path: low and into the ground, as if some sticky resin of shame-guilt-nervousness has rubbed its way into his joints, his fingertips, his vision.

The Astros are in the ALCS, but they’re not The Astros.

Jose Altuve is there playing second base, but he’s not Jose Altuve.

And the Rays have taken over the series completely.







After the error, it went like this:


Urquidy comes out of the game, and Paredes comes in to relieve.

Yandy Diaz singles.

Joey Wendle singles. Two runs score.

Margot drops a sac bunt.

Kiermaier is hit by pitch, the bases are loaded.

Adames is hit by pitch, the Rays score.

Renfroe doubles. Two runs score.

And in the 6th inning of Game 3—the Rays lead 5-1.






Enjoy this moment, baseball fans of every city but Houston, as the gods of sports justice start to finally win that battle up in the clouds, and these Astros get one game closer to packing their bags.

Ji-Man Choi dancing. Fleetwood Mac. Ocean Spray cranberry juice. Big big vibes.