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Game 184 // First Inning // The All-Time MLB Playoff Record

Eleven runs in the first.

The all-time record for runs in a playoff inning.


Here’s the video, on the new Big Inning channel:




Only three teams in MLB history have scored ten runs in a postseason inning:

(1) The 1929 Athletics, losing 8-0 to the Cubs.

(2) The 1968 Tigers, setting up a classic Game 7.

(3) The 2019 Cardinals, Game 5 of the NLDS, first inning—against this very same Braves team.


So today, Braves fans relive their most awful postseason memory. And the Dodgers set a new all-time record.

Eleven runs. One inning. The first inning.



Ten of those runs came with two outs. From that point on, the string of at-bats went like this:


Betts singles.

Seager doubles.

Turner grounds out.

Muncy grounds out.

Smith doubles.

Bellinger walks.

Pederson homers.

Rios homers.

Taylor walks.

Betts walks.

Seager singles.

Turner gets hit by pitch.

Muncy hits a grand slam.

Dodgers lead 11-0.


And the fans, remotely in Los Angeles, mask-wearingly in Arlington, are loving it.