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Game 186 // Sixth Inning // Will Smith Beats Will Smith

Will Smith vs. Will Smith.

And Will Smith wins.




Will Smith on the mound. Will Smith at the plate. 

The first-ever postseason matchup of two eponymous players.

Two men on. Two outs. Dodgers down by a run, down 3-1 in the series, their offense becoming invisible. 

But then. 

This Will Smith vs Will Smith breaking-the-matrix deja vu kismet happens, with the feeling of two teams, two lines converging at this very moment, their paths criss-crossing into opposite directions.

Will Smith gets the best of his namesake.

Three-run homer. Dodgers lead, 4-2.





When baseball walks into a Will Smith vortex, it won’t stroll out with an everyday pop fly to second base, a ground ball to shortstop. It crashes, re-crashes into itself, two funhouse mirrors sizing each other up, the little one wrestling its more traveled brother into submission.

And baseball comes out of the vortex, dusting itself off…

With season-altering home run.


Dodgers win, 7-3.